OUR MISSION: To present bridal shoes that; are equally as stylish and beautiful as our Perfect Day Bride.




Drum rolls please  (loud drum bangs) Brides who love shoe candy will fall in love with our NEW ARRIVALS.  The, oh so fabulous Harriet Wilde.

The Philosophy: Unique vintage inspired footwear, stylishly designed in London, made to the highest quality by shoemakers in Europe, backlash to mass production and the image that weddings have to be fluffy and not stylish with a contemporary edge.

Why we are WILD about Wilde here at perfect Day HQ:

–       Ruth (the fabulous lady behind the name) is a British independent footwear label, as you know we love to keep things British so this is the Perfect pair of shoe candy for our Brides to be.

–       These are not mass produce, which gives us the ultimate WOW factor and allows our Brides to be creative, and here at Perfect Day we have some very creative and stylish brides on our hands! Want to change the colour, adapt the heel height or the embellishment – no problemo!

–       Something borrowed ‘SOMETHING BLUE’ with a blue tag inside each shoe this is an absolute genius idea –and we just love this unique touch.

–       Crème de la crème. Finally it goes without saying. ‘If they are good enough for Harrods’ then they will sit just perfectly alongside some of our favourite designers including Charlie Brear, Stephanie Allin, Alan Hannah, Mae by Johanna Hehir and Belle & Bunty.

On a final note (before we leave to strut around in our gorgeous new shoes!)

‘ You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet’     Christian Dior


Sakura_Ivory_£449.99 Marlene_Lace_£199.99 Lille_Lace_£184.99 Ella_£199.99 Chantilly_£229.99




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