Wedding Dress Trends in Somerset

 With so many gorgeous wedding venues in the near vicinity of Perfect Day Bridal Rooms, it’s easy for us to see brides with visions as varied as rustic festival style weddings to traditional, grand affairs requiring a show-stopping dress. Wedding dress trends in Somerset and Wiltshire are as varied as the brides who step through our door, but there are a few key things that we’re beginning to notice about current bridal shopping styles.

The first is the huge influence that bygone eras have had on bridal couture. It’s safe to say that one of the biggest wedding dress trends in Somerset and the southwest is the role that vintage inspiration plays in contemporary wedding plans.

It might be as simple as preferring a sleek 1920s silhouette for a wedding dress rather than anything too voluminous or fussy, or it could be as flamboyant as finding vintage heirloom accessory items to create a period appropriate aesthetic. We do love it when our brides ask us to incorporate a precious piece of treasure handed down through the family – a special veil perhaps or a gorgeous brooch maybe.

For this, we have the Charlie Brear and Belle and Bunty collections here at Perfect Day, both of which are exemplary collections that draw inspiration from fashions of the past. Time and time again we see brides who aspire to emulate old school Hollywood glamour or favour the unstructured bohemian ideals of the 1970s. Past decades often have a special place in our brides’ hearts and influence their choice of wedding dress.

Another of the key wedding dress trends we’re seeing here is that brides don’t just shop for a dress anymore, they shop for a whole look; the wedding dress is just one piece of the puzzle. Perfect Day brides tend to be fashion-forward, style-savvy ladies who want to think about everything from top to toe.

This could mean making sure that the dress they favour suits the bespoke headpiece they want to commission, it might mean that their love of shoes dictates their choice of wedding dress and sometimes it means that their wedding dress is merely the starting point that they wish to accessorise with belts, jackets, or different skirt lengths or materials. The days of picking a dress from a rail and wearing it as it looks on the hanger seem to be behind us.

Perhaps the most noticeable trend of all is that very few brides-to-be that visit us here at Perfect Day Bridal Rooms are looking for that iconic, full-skirted, strapless A-Line princess dress that populated weddings for the best part of three decades. If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that wedding dress trends in Somerset are leaning much more towards frocks that are both fashionable and wearable.

Brides know that they wouldn’t normally wear a massive ball gown and that it’s not reflective of their personal style, so they’re trying to find a more glamorous way of displaying their everyday preferences on the biggest day of their lives.

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