Have you ever wondered why so many magazine articles advise you to buy your wedding dress so far in advance of your actual wedding date? Well, we’re here to reassure you that there is a good reason for it and, what’s more, that the sooner you can make the decision, the less stress you’ll suffer nearer to your wedding date.

If the thought of choosing the most important dress of your life is daunting, you might feel even more overwhelmed by having to do it so far in advance. What if you make the wrong choice? What if you forget what it looks like or fall out of love with it in the intervening period? What if you see something you like more in a new season collection?

Fear not, worrisome brides! We hear you. We totally understand these reservations, but you need to turn your thinking on its head.

The reason why bridal boutiques prefer to have more time than less to order your wedding dress is to make sure we can confidently ensure your gown will be ready. Depending on the designer, 6-9 months is about the perfect amount of time between ordering and alterations – obviously longer than that is a luxury that makes us very happy indeed!

Wedding Dress Lead TimesAs you know, buying a wedding dress is not the same as walking into a High Street shop and picking out a frock you like. All of our collections are made on order and come with a great provenance. Factor in time for alterations and the perfect steam finish and the weeks begin to add up. What we don’t want is a sprint to the finish or for you to be losing sleep because your dress hasn’t come in yet, let alone had its finishing touches completed.

If you are a bride in a hurry for whatever reason, don’t lose heart. Things may be trickier but they’re not impossible. Here at Perfect Day Bridal we always try to help our brides find the wedding dress of their dreams, whether they’ve got 18 months or 18 weeks to prepare. Our sample sale dresses are perfect for just such a scenario and some of our designers may be able to accommodate rush orders if there’s the budget to cover it.

And, when it comes to changes of heart, we’ve never had a bride who does anything less than fall more in love with the wedding dress she’s chosen when she collects it on that final visit. Yes, there are other options that will come on the market, but the key is to stop looking once you’ve picked yours!

Instead of being stressed about buying your wedding dress early in the planning process, you can put a satisfied tick next to that task on your to-do list and put your feet up as you get on with the rest of your wedding plans.

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