For our annual Valentine’s Day post, we thought that this year we’d compile an awesome gift list of treats that not only work as a love token, but could also be incorporated into a wedding…your wedding…especially if you happening to be saying ‘I Do’ on the big V-Day itself!

Light Up Letters

If you’re talking about bold, over the top gestures, finding enormous festoon letters in your living room might just about hit the mark. We love seeing these letters at real weddings – sometimes the couple’s initials, sometimes LOVE just like this. There are companies all over the country who offer light up letters for sale or hire, so make the choice to go big now!


Love Notes

Text messages and emails don’t really cut the mustard when it comes to romance, so we think this message in a bottle is a sweet way to rekindle the old fashioned love letter. You could use these at your wedding to house your own handwritten vows – now how’s that for treasure you’ll want to keep for a lifetime?!

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Heart of Gold

Bling is always a YES on Valentine’s Day. This, however, is next level. We love the idea of having a heart-shaped wedding ring. It is so simply genius. It’s a perfect double whammy too if you give the gift of a diamond ring on Valentine’s Day that doubles up as an engagement ring, perhaps? Come on now. That’s pretty clever.


Literary Love

For bookish brides there can be no greater joy than the variation on a Penguin Classics theme. These prints would make perfect table names for your wedding breakfast don’t you think? Or perhaps you could get all your guests to sign them and turn them into a collage instead of having a traditional guestbook?

604-10128-ML4C4SUN_GOLDGLITTER_ALT01True Romance

Hold the phone, who doesn’t want Patricia Arquette style heart-shaped sunglasses? We’d love these as a cheeky Valentine’s Gift and then would rock them all wedding day long for super cool wedding photos.


Tasty Treats

Now, these champagne and strawberry marshmallows might be a bit decadent as a Valentines breakfast (but the jury is still out on that one) but we think they’d be perfect on a sweetie buffet or dessert table at your wedding reception. It’s the perfect sugary pick-me-up just when the dancing is getting going. You know it makes sense.

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Go Balloony

We can’t decide whether we want giant inflated letters proclaiming our sweetheart’s love or just a really pretty bunch of balloons full of Valentines confetti. Either way, we think balloons will look stunning on your wedding day too – as a backdrop for your aisle, in photos, above a food station, in the middle of the dancefloor for you to boogie around…


Tea-se Me

Sweet and simple: tea is the way to many a heart. Whilst we’d love a brew that always reminds us of a Valentine’s gift, we also think that this fine green tea would be quite a wonderful wedding favour for your guests to take home and savour long after you’ve said I Do.

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