Whatever woes you are having about your bridesmaids’ outfits, we guarantee we can solve them on August 5th when we introduce you to the genius of twobirds – the most versatile dress you’ve ever seen. In fact, we’d wager that twobirds are responsible for assuaging many a sartorial drama since 2010 when they launched.

You see, their product is simple: one dress that can be worn in a multitude of ways. Got a busty bridesmaid who needs a bit more support? Great, try a halterneck style. Are you strikingly aware that one of your maids can’t bear to bare her upper arms? No problem, let’s create some cap sleeves. Plagued by the bridesmaid that wants a sexy bare back? twobirds can sort that one out for you too.

It really is as simple as learning the various different combinations that can create over 15 unique styles. Whether you choose different colours and different hemlines is entirely up to you, but you can equally create uniformity and individuality in one easy step by investing in twobirds.

What’s also great is that with a twobirds bridesmaid dress, you don’t need any alterations. That means no wrangling with your maids over trying to get them all to come back in for changes, just one simple decision about who wants which colour/style/shape and we are cooking on gas. This really is bridal fashion’s way of taking the stress out of your wedding planning.

So if you’ve got a beautiful entourage with a litany of style demands, why not book an appointment to bring them in to Perfect Day Bride on 5th August for an exclusive designer event? This promises to be the ideal girly day out and with your girls in the spotlight, you can sit back and enjoy the bubbly as they decide which style they like best!

If you would like to attend our exclusive twobirds designer event, make sure you get in touch to arrange a preview as the day will be by appointment only. Don’t miss out! Give us a call on 01225 309 309 to book in or contact us online.

We look forward to addressing all of your glamorous gang’s needs soon!

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