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We love any excuse to flip our hair back and forth, but it’s always more than a little bit exciting to chat through hair options with our lovely brides-to-be. Some have a very clear vision from the moment they walk through the door, others are prepared to be persuaded based on the style of their wedding dress and yet more have absolutely no idea how they want their hair to look at all!

2015 has definitely heralded a lot more textured looks where sleekness is less of a factor and ‘make it look like I partied hard yesterday and just woke up looking this perfectly dishevelled’ is far more in vogue at the moment than finely tuned quiffs. For us, this is great news as we think the relaxed styling of current brides lends itself perfectly to the vintage-inspired and boho chic gowns that are so popular here amongst Perfect Day brides.

As such, here are our top 3 bridal hair trends based on what you, the engaged public, have been telling us. Let us know which you favour and what you’ll be going for!


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No longer a staple of childhood playgrounds or Swiss shepherdesses, the braid is a bridal bombshell at the moment. From french plaits to fishtails, brides are loving the movement that this style gives to their hair, particularly amongst those who have different tonal colours that are highlighted perfectly by an elegant braid.

Plaits work well with long hair or short, as part of an updo or threaded through tousled, loose waves. It can be the whole look or just part of it. It’s soft, feminine, casual and pretty. It’s whatever you want to make of it.


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A return to simplicity? Or a timeless classic? Either way, buns are big business right now. You may be a top knot kind of a gal in everyday life and want to see that mirrored in your wedding day hairstyle, or you might want to make a feature of the back of your dress and opt for a pretty little bundle at the nape of the neck.

One thing we know for sure is that the bun gives our brides the most glorious swan-like necks. They are also a great option if you’ve got a killer pair of chandelier earrings to show off!


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Clockwise from top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Whilst we know that there are a multitude of gorgeous wedding hair accessories available, we can’t help but notice that the new bling is, in fact, entirely natural. Contemporary brides are all about wearing real flowers in their hair and this is never more apparent than in the stratospheric rise of the flower crown.

Whether it’s a simple sprig of lavender or gypsophila threaded around your head, or a full on Carmen Miranda collection of voluptuous blooms, we’re absolutely in love with this styling element. Not only can a floral crown add serious wow factor to your bridal ensemble and not only does it highlight the key colours of your wedding theme, but a fresh flower crown will also provide the most beautiful perfume to complement your day, meaning that whenever you catch a whiff of that fragrant bloom in the future, you’ll be reminded of your special day.

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