You know how we love it when high fashion and celebrity collide, in one big pit of heaving paparazzi looking for every angle, every detail and every image they can grab from red carpets and catwalks around the world. It can be of no surprise, therefore, that the images that flooded in yesterday after Monday night’s Met ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art had has all of a dither with excitement.

The official line from Vogue: “With the museum celebrating the opening of its new exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass, many paid tribute to the theme showcasing a number of Chinese designers as well as intricate creations from the world’s most famous fashion houses.  Florals, jumpsuits and daring barely-there gowns were the order of the evening, while a number of designers stood out as the night’s favourites: Stella McCartney, Prada and Calvin Klein Collection among them.”

For our money though, we’ve rounded up some of the key looks of the night for you to digest…

Met Ball 2015 Perfect Day Bride Roun Up_0001Basically Bridal

These ladies have the looks, talent and wealth to dress any way they like and yet they pick dresses that are only barely a thread away from being wedding dresses. It feels like they’re ruining the dressing up fun for the rest of us, but we guess we’ll let them off as they all look so fabulous.

Met Ball 2015 Perfect Day Bride Roun Up_0005The Golden Girls

If ever there’s a night when you’re entitled to want to shine, then the Met Ball is it. Hopefully none of them ended up standing in line for the toilet that night, otherwise they might have looked like they were auditioning to become one of the Supremes.

Met Ball 2015 Perfect Day Bride Roun Up_0002

Fantastically Fabulous

No, you wouldn’t wear any of this gear down to Morrisons to do the big shop but what we see here is the full weight of creativity and imagination that pours out of fashion designers. This is why famous folks want an invite to the biggest party in the fashion calendar. Anyone wanting to wear a cocktail dress need not apply.

Met Ball 2015 Perfect Day Bride Roun Up_0003

Cut Out Queens

For those who have time to tone their tummies, exercise their abs and discover their hip bones, the keyhole dress is acceptable fashion fare right now. Please note: none of the above are over 30.

Met Ball 2015 Perfect Day Bride Roun Up_0004

Nearly Nudes

We bet that Zoe Kravitz thought she had nailed it when she put on her dress and realised everyone could see her knickers. But then Kim Kardashian turned up all crystals and feathers. And then Queen Bee set the red carpet alight by wearing an exquisite, barely there net curtain with some strategically placed gems on it and we bet poor Zoe felt positively overdressed and frumpy. It’s a tough world out there on that red carpet…

What were your favourite looks from the night?

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