Bridal makeover Perfect Day_0001For those of you who follow us on social media, you’ll know that we’ve been undergoing a fairly heavy cosmetic procedure of late. You may have seen the snaps of walls being pulled down and the sneaky peeks of some divine new branding we’ve been working on. You may wonder why we’re so excited and what exactly has been going on.

Well, the time has nearly come for us to show you everything. Nearly, but not quite…

You see, when Perfect Day Bride fell into our custodianship in 2011, we knew it would take time to mould the boutique into our vision of the perfect bridal retail experience. We knew that we had dreams bigger than our abilities at that point, so we watched and waited and squirreled away in the background. Last year was so big for us that we knew the time had come to start implementing the changes that we knew would help Perfect Day go from strength to strength.

Bridal makeover Perfect Day_0003And so, the next chapter in the story of our business is upon us. We’ve remodelled the boutique to enable us to offer more brides-to-be a more personal shopping adventure with us. We’ve created the space and the atmosphere that we think our clients will absolutely flourish in as they start to curate their wedding day ensemble.

It’s not just the shop that’s had a makeover though. Our virtual storefront has also been under the knife and, next week, we’ll be bringing you our all new and improved website and blog. We’re excited that this will have better usability, interesting and informative features and, of course, all you need to know about our stable of sensational designers.

Bridal makeover Perfect Day_0002Not only that, but both the boutique and our online presence have been brought together under our gorgeous new branding. We’ve worked closely with the design gurus at Flourish Studios to create an aesthetic that’s not only fitting for the next phase of Perfect Day Bride, but also for the kind of clients who we regularly have walking through our doors. In the same way that we’re not that into meringue wedding dresses and hackneyed wedding traditions, we also don’t believe in bland branding or boring personas, so you’re going to be getting a whole lot more personality from here on in.

It all kicks off on 9th April and we hope that you will be just as pleased with the results as we are. There’s no better feeling than investing in a spot of pampering for yourself and we know that Perfect Day Bride is going to look more fabulous than ever when the bandages come off!


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