It’s true, we spend a lot of time talking about wedding dresses. But we do know that the frock is not the final conclusion in the chapter known as bridal fashion. Wedding accessories are the super important frosting on the cake and, specifically, hair accessories can be a major decision for many – after all, they’re going to be in every photo that you’re in, so you need to make sure that you love them!

First of all, don’t feel as though you need to know precisely what you’re looking for before you set out on your quest. If you’re open to options, you’ll probably end up falling in love much more quickly than if you’re stoically sticking to what you think will work best.

You also don’t need to have your hairstyle figured out. You’d be surprised how many brides-to-be have no clue how they want their hair to look until they find the right accessory, which accordingly dictates how their hair will sit.

Overall, an open mind is helpful, but so is an image of your chosen wedding dress. Whether you’re purchasing pre-made items or visiting an accessories designer to have a bespoke piece made, it will be endlessly useful to have a picture of your wedding gown to work with. This might help find stylistic details that can be matched, such as the pattern of your lace, or perhaps even work out whether the hair accessory you like balances well with the style of your dress.

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Don’t feel you have to stick with the traditional. Tiaras are obviously very nineties now with the majority of brides hankering after vintage-inspired pieces such as art deco hair combs. However, if you don’t like pearls or have an aversion to crystals, then you don’t have to opt for a traditional pale hair accessory. Why not go for a coloured piece? How about precious gemstones? Why not choose something with a hint of gold, or a blush of peach, or even some bold black statement piece if you’re having a monochrome wedding?

Whilst obviously you are the star of the show, you might want to consider your bridesmaids when choosing your bridal hair accessories and see whether there’s a hint of your design that can be incorporated into their accessories as well. There’s something really pleasing about a pulled-together bridal party!

Finally, don’t forget to think about what other jewellery you’ll be wearing. Your wedding hair accessories – be they elegant little hairpins or a full on head accessory – need to balance with your earrings and your necklace. If you’ve got statement pieces of jewellery, you might want to play down your hair piece, and vice versa.

Whatever you decide to go for, we know that you are going to cherish it for years to come. Unlike your wedding dress, you can repurpose your accessories for many years to come, so make sure you choose items that you adore and want to wear at the merest hint of a fancy dress code!

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