Our lovely bride Alex had visited a few other bridal boutiques before she stepped foot into Perfect Day Bride. Here was a bride-to-be who knew the kind of wedding dress she wanted, knew the kind of service she required and knew exactly how to dress for the wedding she was creating. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her on creating her wedding day outfit and we were delighted to hear from her about her journey down the aisle.

“As soon as I walked into Perfect Day Bride, I knew it was the place I’d find my dress,” Alex recalls. “The layout and style of the shop meant all the dresses were easy to see and touch and it was so relaxing to look around and decide what to try on. Not like the ‘jumble sale’ type shops I’d visited before! All of the dresses were right up my street – pure elegance!”

“I had researched every type of dress imaginable before I started shopping. I knew the style I preferred but everybody told me I should prepare for the fact that I probably wouldn’t end up choosing that same style.” It turned out that not only did Alex know what she wanted, but we were in fact harbouring the exact embodiment of that gown…albeit on a temporary basis.

Liam&Alex 585“As soon as I walked into Perfect Day and saw my Justin Alexander dress, I knew it was the one and it actually was exactly the style I’d preferred all along!” Alex explains. “Kerry told me it was the only Justin Alexander dress they had, that they had the dress for a couple of days as a trial from the designer and it was due to go back in a couple of days time – it was meant to be! I was meant to find it before it went back to the designer!”

And as for her time spent browsing the rails here at Perfect Day Bride? Well, Alex had some thoughts about that too. “Kerry was lovely and provided great suggestions and advice. It was like having another friend in the changing room! All the staff were quick to respond to any queries I had, were always clear about the process and I felt as though they really genuinely cared about making my bridal outfit as perfect as it could be.”

Liam&Alex 608Alex and Liam tied the knot on 14th December 2014 and the festivities of the season certainly added to the romance of the occasion, as did the stunning setting of their wedding venue. Its cosy nooks and crannies, dramatic Gothic architecture and Victorian manor charm all lent themselves to the perfect setting for the first day of Alex & Liam’s wedding.

“We fell in love with Berwick Lodge in Bristol immediately – its style, atmosphere and the team,” Alex tells us. “We are keen foodies and had heard fantastic things about Paul O’Neill, head chef at Hattusa, the hotel’s restaurant. They allowed us to create a spectacular six course wedding breakfast, set out our day exactly how we wanted and gave us the opportunity to hire out the entire venue so our families could stay overnight with us.”

IMG_2188“The ceremony was very special – intimate and romantic,” Alex says, when asked for her highlights of the day. “I enjoyed saying every word of my vows, loud and proud for everybody to hear and smiled harder than I ever have – it was over too quickly! I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, though. The day went without a hitch and better than I could have planned for! Just thinking about it now makes me beam!”

And when asked for some advice for other soon-to-be-wed Perfect Day Brides, Alex has got some great wisdom.

“Take a couple of minutes, a couple of times throughout the day, to really take stock of what’s happening and look at your loved ones all together in one place. It’s usually a rare thing!”

“Say your vows loud and proud – it’s truly a lovely thing to be able to say such wonderful words to the one you love!”

Your outfit should make you feel the most beautiful woman in the world, so don’t settle for anything less!

Amen to that! We couldn’t agree more and we’re so glad to have been able to share Alex’s sartorial story with all of you.




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