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Our timelines exploded with a whole lot of love this weekend as the first same-sex couples in England seized the chance to legally marry at last. We’re absolutely thrilled for all the people who are now able to tie the knot and it got us thinking about the bright, bold and brilliant colours that equal rights have brought to our lives. Today, therefore, we give you a rainbow-inspired mood board so that you can paint your wedding with all the colours of your heart!

Whether you choose to incorporate colour in the smallest decorative detail or prefer to make a splash with a whole technicolour styling spectacular, we love how jubilant and celebratory this colour palette is. We personally endorse the idea of having a parade of bridesmaids in multicoloured Maids To Measure gowns, not only to add  an injection of colour but as an homage to their individual personalities as well.

Wedding styling can so often play it safe with soft pastels and neutral metallics, but the fun of choosing a kaleidoscopic colour scheme for your wedding is in the brazen joy that comes from such pops of colour. You should take pride in your union and nothing shouts louder than rainbow inspired wedding schemes!

Rainbow Wedding Inspiration Perfect Day Bridal_0005Image credits clockwise from top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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