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Inside or outside…in a barn, or a marquee, or a village hall…interlaced with paper lanterns, strings of pearls or ribbon streamers…as a canopy of soft clouds, a colourful backdrop or a show stopping centrepiece…a kaleidoscopic rainbow, a pastel dream or a monochromatic tale of chicness…

However you choose to incorporate tissue pom pom decorations into your wedding ceremony or reception styling, this lo-fi method of décor will create a big impact on your wedding day. For our money, pom poms are the new bunting.

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We love the almost childlike simplicity of pom poms that suggest unabated cheerfulness. We love that they can effortlessly fill up a big space. We love that you can vary the size, height and distance of pom poms and create completely different atmospheres.

More than anything though, we love seeing wedding pompoms because they’re just really fun. The humble pom pom is the earliest indicator that newlyweds means to party, that they want you to have a good time and not take anything too seriously. Kick off your shoes, hit the dance floor, don’t worry about a napkin on your lap during dinner or whether your mascara smudged whilst you cried through the vows. Just get on with having a good time.

If you’re stuck for ideas for styling your wedding and want a low cost, high energy solution, we’re pretty sure that tissue pom poms are your answer. Available to buy from both big and small retailers, you can also find a library of tutorials to make your own on Pinterest and Youtube, in case you’re a crafty bride-to-be.

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