Here at Perfect Day Bride we see a whole range of brides whose interests are as varied as their style. It’s true that our magnificent wedding dress collections tend to attract like-minded brides-to-be and sometimes we know exactly how their wedding look before you can even say ‘shabby chic bunting’ but just occasionally, we get really inspired by brides who are  breaking the mould.

One such occasion was the suggestion that as our bride loved a bit of deep dance music action, that she and her future husband wanted to emulate a bit of the rave culture that they loved. Well, how’s this for our take on a bit of an epic neon wedding inspiration moodboard?!

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We love the idea of vibrant – some might even say fluorescent – decor at a wedding. The opposite of nice and neutral, this wedding colour palette says right from the start that FUN will be the order of the day. From spray-painting your cutlery to the cunning incorporation of bright fruit into the floral wreath around that macaroon tower, we absolute love the explosion of colour.

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Sartorially, we think the neon inspiration works best as an accent to your wedding day outfit. We wholeheartedly endorse a piece of statement jewellery in a bold colour and think this will work really well paired with other luminous accessories and a simple dress, like this Charlie Brear number, is the perfect blank canvas to rave all night long in. Don’t forget about the boys – from shoelaces to pocket squares, they ought to get a slice of the neon action as well, in whatever subtle way you think best.

Neon wedding inspiration Perfect Day Bride_0021Clockwise from top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

And of course, when it comes to party time, there has never been a better reason to invest in atmospheric lighting. From neon letters to a full Ministry of Sound lighting setup, it will set the ambience for the evening and allow you to wholeheartedly, unabashedly embrace your first night as newlyweds beneath the laser beams and glowsticks…!

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