Warning: this post contains insanely epic wedding shoes that are guaranteed to make you fall in love!

We knew from the moment we clapped eyes on Charlotte Mills‘ unique designs that these were the kind of heels that our brides would want to wear to saunter down the aisle and dance the night away in. These shoes are cute and cool at the same time, infinitely wearable and entirely covetable.

Anabel PinkYou will also find yourself catching your breath when you realise that each pair is hand finished with an original Sixpence and that the leather sole is embossed with the ‘something old’ rhyme. How’s that for attention to detail?!

Since creating a bridal footwear range for her final degree show at the prestigious Cordwainers, Charlotte has moved her designs forward, now using laser cutting, applique and embroidery to create a distinguishable and unique style.

AnaAs with all the best shoes, Charlotte’s designs are handmade in Spain. You’ll notice a lot of hearts incorporated into the style of these shoes and that’s because love hearts are the key inspiration behind this brand.

We absolutely adore everything about these shoes and we think they’re the perfect finishing point for any bridal outfit. You can try on a pair when you come into store for your dress appointment or you can come and view the collection in the Shoe & Sparkle Bar…just don’t judge us when you see us secretly sporting a pair when we think no one’s looking!



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