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It’s the last gasp of summer – that moment when autumn is within touching distance but there are just a few more glorious occasions to have bare arms and legs as the sun heats exposed flesh and people tumble into the night with happy, warm smiles. It’s the first signs of rust and copper appearing in the leaves of trees. It’s warm days but the nights drawing in. It’s spectacular sunsets blazing through the sky in an ombre of pink and orange before melting into the inkiest night. It’s harvest festival and big wooly jumpers in the evening.

Whether it’s to do with that old back to school feeling or the changing seasons, the September Indian Summers that the UK are often treated to definitely have a spectacular romance in the air. It’s not quite full on autumn yet – the dark nights aren’t quite starting at 4pm and you can still get away with a light jacket – but the days of keeping the windows open all day and night are gone.

To achieve the perfect Indian Summer wedding, take inspiration from the changing colours of the seasons. Think gold and copper, hot pinks and brunished oranges and infuse all of it with most natural of flowers, including fragrant herbs like lavender. Think flickering candles and easy styling – nothing too blingy, but lots of pretty details and an incorporation of nature and the outdoors with opulent colours.

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