It’s high drama and high fashion. It’s gothic and it’s macabre. It exists in the shadowy place between devout heartbreak and loving adoration. It’s deep and it’s dark and it’s almost a bit sinister. It’s theatrical beyond belief and murky as hell. It’s Brönte-esque and Poe-inspired. It’s deliciously naughty and knowingly mischievous. It’s show stopping, heart stopping, unadulterated Gothic glam. It’s our take on a Halloween inspired wedding and we can’t get enough of its rich crevices and luring canyons.

Yes, you could have pumpkin pie and a skull shaped wedding cake, but where’s the subtlety in that?! We don’t believe in Beetlejuice table runners or orange cravats. We believe in a nod to the place between here and there – waking and dreaming, living and dead, loving and loathing. We believe in opulence and glamour and nature in all its forms of decay. We believe in the unexpected. In wedding curiosities. In believing the unbelievable.

If you believe too, head over to our Pinterest board to get a further fix of frighteningly stylish wedding ideas for those tinged with blackened hearts…

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