This one is pure indulgence because, to be honest, we would much rather be down at Worthy Farm this weekend, even though spending time with beautiful wedding dresses isn’t all that bad. Listening to Glastonbury live and catching up with all the action on TV isn’t quite the same thing as meandering through Shangri-La and Avalon, chilling out in front of music you’ve never heard before or raving up big style to your favourite bands.

So, with our hearts in Somerset, we set about creating a little bit of inspiration for all you festival brides out there who, like us, would rather wear wellies and flowers in your hair whilst listening to amazing musicians serenade you long into the first night of your marriage.

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This one is all about throwing away the rule book – there’s no traditions here. Kick formality to the kerb and embrace your inner rock star. If your future husband wants to wear sunglasses throughout the ceremony, so be it. If your Mum wants to wear her vintage 70s kaftan you should be inspired! If your Dad use to jam with The Who then let him get that old guitar out and give you a couple of tunes.

Sartorially, we think you would be a fool not to pick a Charlie Brear gown for your festival wedding. Ideally, the hippie-tastic shape of 1970s silhouettes work best, but you can add extra glamour with a multitude of additions from this bridal collection.

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Of course, being a boho babe, you’re going to shun traditional hair accessories for something way more natural. Flower crowns, blossoms plaited into your hair or tiaras made of feathers are all getting a double thumbs up from us. The rule of thumb really ought to be that the more wild your hair looks, the more rocking your bridal style will be.

The same goes for your bridesmaids, too. We kind of think you should just let them do their own thing – be that hot pants and sequins, boho tunics, or flowing maxi dresses with a rainbow of Hunters boots peeking out from beneath. Laden your ladies’ arms with bangles and chunky jewellery; fill their fingers with gems; brush their hair backwards and paint patterns down their arms. These are the matrimonial nymphs delivering to your prince.

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As for the actual setting of the wedding? Well, it’s all about tipis, hay bales, festoon lights and rustic furniture. Incorporate as many bright colours that you can find in as many rich jewel tones as you dare to throw together. Don’t forget about flags – whether you use them to demarcate your aisle, lay out your seating plan or sort out your parking. Oh, and we also LOVE the idea of having wristbands as invitations or wedding favours. You should totally get into that.

Most importantly: you’re going to need a stage for your band(s) and plenty of room for dancing. Make sure everyone knows that dancing is required throughout the day, from first kiss to last dance.

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Are you planning a festival themed wedding? We’d love to hear all about your plans. For more festival bride inspiration, check out our Pinterest board ‘Festival Fever’ and if you’re off to Glasto this weekend, send us a selfie from up on that there hill!

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