We want to take you through the amazing wedding dresses that we’re lucky enough to spend every day with. You might think that all wedding dresses are the same; you might be concerned that there’s actually too much choice out there, so let us walk you through the amazing, mesmerising, charming options we have for you here at Perfect Day Bridal Rooms.

Who, in this era of fast fashion and frivolous frocks, does not yearn for a little more elegance? Who could resist a little ladylike glamour that departs neatly from a celebrity culture of exposing as much as possible as often as possible? Who wouldn’t want to create a stir with a simply stunning silhouette and some divine detailing?

EJH-23-Clara-5fa497ea69If that sounds a lot like you, our Dress of the Week is going to make you go a little weak at the knees. The lovely Clara from Eliza Jane Howell is every bit as beautiful as you imagine it could be. This is the kind of sassy dress that knows it’s gorgeous, so doesn’t need to be in your face about it.

Clara is made up of beautifully simple strappy underdress, with a shimmering layer of beaded tulle over the top. It gives shoulder and arm cover without being intrusive, creating a soft and glamorous vintage look. Light, easy to wear but with considerable wow factor, Clara also boasts an affordable price point, meaning you don’t have to break the bank for this classy lady.

We love it when brides-to-be try this wedding dress on as it seems to speak volumes about a bygone era. Slipping into this little number seems to transport our brides to the golden age of glamour – they walk a little taller, smile a little more knowingly and tend to realise that is the dress for them.

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