Charlie Brear Sabine Payton Perfect Day Bridal Rooms_0001We want to take you through the amazing wedding dresses that we’re lucky enough to spend every day with. You might think that all wedding dresses are the same; you might be concerned that there’s actually too much choice out there, so let us walk you through the amazing, mesmerising, charming options we have for you here at Perfect Day Bridal Rooms.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might have cottoned on to something: brides-to-be flock to Bradford-On-Avon to get a load of our amazing Charlie Brear collection. Versatile, wearable and fashion-forward, it can be of no great surprise to anyone that all the Charlie Brear wedding dresses which hang on our rails are much beloved by brides who visit us.

This week, therefore, we focus our attention on not just a dress but an ensemble, if you please. The genius of the Charlie Brear collection is that you can start with something simple and build up an entirely unique look using that wonderful dressing-up box known as ‘Additions.’ A skirt here…an overlay there…oooh, we love it so much!

Charlie Brear Sabine Payton Perfect Day Bridal Rooms_0002

Our Dress of the Week comes in the form of Payton, a slinky little strappy number with a deep V on the front and back. We love the liquid look of this dress and the way it falls on the exact contours of the body. Thanks to its versatile shape, it can be worn with almost all of the Charlie Brear additions.

That being said, we particularly love it when paired with the Sabine beaded lace top. Hello, instant glamour! The elegant cut of the Sabine top draws in the waistline and really adds something quite special to the overall look.

As if all of that isn’t reason enough for you to fall in love with this Charlie Brear combo, may we introduce you to the concept of cost per wear. This is the type of dress that you can actually get away with wearing again after your wedding day. Picture yourself gliding down the beach in the Payton dress alone or pairing your Sabine top with your favourite skinny jeans and vest top to dress up your weekend night out wardrobe…holy cow, you just justified the cost of your wedding dress by realising that you’re going to wear it all the damn time!

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