Agata Wojtkiewicz

Prepared to re-write the rule book. Here at Perfect Day Bride we have fallen head over heels with Agata Wojtkiewicz dresses. Celebrating modern minimalism with respect for tradition is what this designer is all about. Agata Wojtkiewicz believes that a wedding dress should reflect the personality and temperament of the bride. Forget rigid corsets or petticoats and think tasteful laces, exclusive crepes and silk tulle. Agata Wojtkiewicz designs simple, yet beautifully cut dresses with a element of design surprise, be it a detachable train or removable addition we just adore the fun concept behind these dresses.

Perfect Day Bride is an exclusive UK retailer to Agata Wojtkiewicz and we are proud to fly the flag for this incredible designer.

The Agata Wojtkiewicz collection starts from £1800 -£2000

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