Choosing your Wedding Dress

For many brides, the task of selecting a wedding dress will be simple because they’ve been dreaming about it since they were five years old. For everybody else, choosing your wedding dress can perhaps seem a little daunting and in some cases, entirely overwhelming. Well, don’t worry; you’re in safe hands at Perfect Day Bridal!

 Knowing that your wedding dress is likely to be the most expensive item of clothing you ever purchase, we’re keen to make sure that The One you fall in love with is the right one for you, your body shape, your personality and the type of wedding you’re having. As such, we’ve got a few tips to think about when you start the adventure of choosing your wedding dress…

 What’s your style?

Go to your wardrobe, open the door and take a look at the dresses you have in there. What do you notice about them? Are they all short, bodycon numbers? Are you a lover of strapless maxi dresses? Do you prefer a fitted and flared fifties number? A pencil skirt? Now have a little think about do you want to follow your ‘style’ when choosing your wedding dress, or are you going to go for the WOW factor and go against the grain ?!

 What’s your shape?

Without getting too Trinny and Susannah about it, think about your body shape when choosing your wedding dress. There’s nothing worse than a bride choosing something that she thinks is ‘weddingy’ but actually battles against her natural body shape. Petite ladies probably don’t want to go with anything too overwhelming whilst curvy girls should make the most of their assets in the right way. If you wouldn’t normally wear a certain type of neckline or know that a dropped waist will do no favours to your pear shape, then make sure you think about this when looking for The One.

 Where are you getting married?

It’s surprising how many brides-to-be don’t consider the context of their wedding dress. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this one of course, but you might like to consider the space you’re getting married in when choosing your wedding dress. Full skirted, statement wedding dresses will look amazing in grand surroundings of cathedrals and stately homes, but can be overwhelming in smaller ceremony rooms. If you’re getting married in a place of worship, you might want to consider a wedding dress with sleeves or that covers your shoulders.

 When are you getting married?

We can’t do much about the weather in this country, but for winter brides the prospect of a dress that’s going to keep them warmer than a backless slip of silk is somewhat appealing. Likewise, destination brides might want to choose a less corseted, structured number in soaring temperatures.

 What’s the rest of the wedding like?

Consider what your groom and bridesmaids will be wearing, any theme or design scheme you’ve chosen and the influence of colours in the rest of your wedding. Choosing your wedding dress should compliment the rest of your wedding ideals, rather than coordinating a wedding around the dress you’ve decided on.

 These are all the things we like to discuss with brides during their first consultation at Perfect Day Bridal so that we can help guide them in their choice of a wedding dress.

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