L-R: Johanna Hehir, Charlie Brear, Belle & Bunty, Charlie Brear

There are some brides for whom the idea of a highly structured traditional wedding dress is the antithesis to everything that their personal and bridal style embodies. We understand that. Not everyone needs or wants an internal corset and a cumbersome hoop. Not all weddings happen in churches or hotels and not every bride wants to look like a Disney princess. So, this blog post is dedicated to all the free spirits and the romantically inclined who are on the lookout for a wedding dress that speaks to their soul. Today, we offer you some help when choosing a boho bridal dress.

Whether it was Kate Moss and her legions of woodland nymphs that you led you down a path of boho bridal style, or an idea for a charming outdoorsy wedding, or maybe just the thought of dancing barefoot all night long, we’re glad that you’re looking for something more sartorially idiosyncratic. We have visions of you skipping through meadows, but we’re probably getting a bit carried away now…

Here at Perfect Day, we boast a range of excellent contemporary designers who embrace bridal fashion as a mark of personality and as such, we think the above four wedding dresses from Charlie Brear, Johanna Hehir and Belle & Bunty would be perfect for you bohemian brides out there. What you’ll see that they all have in common is a soft fluidity and a pretty femininity. We’ve stayed away from massively embellished wedding dresses for this brief and instead focused on frocks that offer legions of exquisite lace as their emphasis on detailing.

The lightness of lace and chiffon are the perfect materials to complement a more informal wedding. We think that stiff fabrics or slinky silk would be too formal and dressy. Whether you choose pretty capped sleeves or slim spaghetti straps, there’s definitely the opportunity to create detail with a pretty neckline. The other benefit of selecting a fairly simple dress is the endless possibilities to accessorise it up, such as a magnificent floral crown during the day or an embellished waist sash to create an epic train for your evening reception.

We tend t0 find that boho brides put their emphasis on being able to move freely – to run from this photo to that, to enjoy their day without being restricted by what their wearing. As such, we suggest staying away from dresses that have massive trains as you don’t want to get preoccupied with making sure they’re bustled up properly to stay out of your way.

So, when choosing your boho bridal dress, remember to think easy and breezy. Empire line silhouettes are quintessentially wearable and beautiful, giving you the air of an Edwardian lady run amok in the fields. Ok, we’re getting carried away again…


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