Our Favourite Charlie Brear Dresses


It’s no secret that Charlie Brear’s Vintage Wedding Dress Collection has been a firm favourite ever since it landed here at Perfect Day Bridal Rooms. There is something so effortlessly romantic and flattering about these gowns, as well as the versatility of the collection that makes our brides’ jaws drop. If you’re struggling to pick just one for your wedding, take a look at our favourite 3 Charlie Brear dresses.


Charlie Brear - Perfect Day Bridal


This 1920s style dropped waist backless wedding dress is the ultimate style statement for any fashion conscious bride-to-be. Whether you choose the simple but effective fine crepe version that almost looks like liquid fabric poured to the contours of your body, or opt for the intricate lalique lace overlay, you will look pretty as a picture in this beautiful plunging V-necked dress. The sweeping silhouette is the perfect homage to the roaring jazz age, adding sophistication, sexiness and a touch of androgyny to the iconic female figure.


Charlie Brear - Perfect Day Bridal 

The 1940s style bias cut of this dress with a cowl front and back really is the picture of femininity. It works perfectly on its own as a testament to fine pattern cutting and sumptuous sandwashed silk, or can be a blank canvas from which you can build up a more detailed look. You could, for example, choose to add a beautiful lace sash or delicate chiffon capped sleeves to create a more demure look. Either way, the gentle scoop of the neckline and the way that the silk cascades into a blissful pool of gorgeous fabric is the perfect starting point for a vintage-inspired bridal look.


Charlie Brear - Perfect Day Bridal 

Simple yet stylish, Charlie Brear’s 1960s style bias cut dress appears to be the picture of elegant refinement, until you get a glimpse of the deep V-back, exposing swathes of creamy shoulder! This is a dress that we absolutely love to accessorise up, pairing it with floor length veils, pretty sashes and cute lace jackets. It’s the kind of dress that you could play with and create distinctly different looks throughout the day. Imagine a big bouffy hairdo and some exquisite accessories and you’ll soon start to see the Priscilla Presley and Jackie Onassis similarities.

The vintage-inspired nature of our favourite 3 Charlie Brear dresses creates the perfect palette from which to start painting your ideal bridal portrait. Whether you’re looking for effortless elegance and minimalism or are keen to create a bespoke look by adding accessories of your choice, the Charlie Brear collection really does have something for everyone.

We’re really excited about the imminent launch of the new season Charlie Brear collection – from the sneaky peeks we’ve seen it’s going to be nothing short of epic. You can be one of the first to cast your eyes over the exciting new collection at our designer day on 21st November and let’s just say, you are definitely going to want to play dress up!

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